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This is the 3.5ml vape-o-matic liquinator, I Don’t know why i keep saying liquiD nator , its liquinator … no “D” in there… derp. www.vaporescence.com i’m absolutely going to be buying another one as soon as i can, the only downside i can find is that the tank is a little “slidey” on the cartomizer, so BE CAREFUL when handling it, not much fiddling to speak of , it’s very straitghforward and work exactly as it should. Most importantly IT”S NOT GURGLY!!!! since this video I have filled up the liquidnator many many more time, and it’s just as easy as pie. Never a leak… never a gurgle. I absolutely feel like my money has been well spent on this. thanks so much for watching www.vaporescence.com http Here is the great closeup video that i was talking about, it could not be more simple. www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Comments (25)

wow strange comments on this vid…. i mean who does that…. really?????? lol

I use a J-tank on a few of my mods and they are damn tight on my cartos. Love them…

actually they work with xxl boges too

Those slim smoktech tanks only work with their own cartoz unfortunately

is there other cartos that will work with this tank

Sounds like you need a new carto, honestly the pre-punched smoktech cartoz have been crap lately 

hye man is there a way to fix the gurgling.cuz i have a slim smoketec tank that is gurgling and im getting juice in my mouth!!!!

I really dig the way their tanks look, Haven’t had a chance to try em yet… thanks for the heads up 

As usual, great video. Do you know anything about the Texas tuff Tanks available from .Vape dudes.com ? From what I see it might be worth a video. All the best to you and Amber.

if i may intervene with my two cents, i buy the 510 Boge LR (2ohm) at Vaporkings usually buy 5 boxes of 5 (25 cartos in total for $36.77 + shipping for my last order) and they are very consistent, cheap, and super super fast shipping. From OK to FL it takes day and a half and BAM they’re there. Use the code (VKBC) and you get 10% off the whole order.

well the bummer part is my favorite cartomizer comes from Ikenvape , and he is usually closed for some reason. check out Electronicstix and see if they have some stainless 510 cartos in stock, or maybe even check Avidvaper

Dude can you PLEASE tell me what your most preffered 510 cartomizer is? I sent you a pm but you never answered. Im having a lot of trouble and bad luck with cartomizers. Thanks

ha ha ha , no it’s called CREEPY STAND…. and that is a VERY long story :)

Is that a Super Meat Boy drawing on your door? If so, awesome. If not, what is it?

go to electronicstix and look for the Bouge LR 510 cartomizer. I will work with the liquinator tank, but you will have to punch your own holes. Even without a tank those cartomizers work really well even on a regular ego battery

I’m not sure the brand of cartomizers, just any type of them won’t get a good connection. I get a little bit of vapor, and that’s all. None of the Cartos I’ve tried have worked. But I had one that worked amazing but then it went Kaputt. I’ve tried the 3 hole ones aswell, and just only a small very small vapor. And it’s not really the eGo T battery, just the standard eGo battery. Really the only thing I can use is the atty. And that’s not an amazing experience.

really? did you use the BOUGE LR cartomizers?

Grimm, I can never be abe to make those types of Cartomizers work on my eGo T battery.. :( Any help? Those are literally the only things I can get for my cig. :(

I’ll give you a hint…. it has to do with Disneyland :)

How did the name GrimmGreen come about?

calm down i was kidding, why are u so mad? LOL!!

whoah woah wach out , we got a tough guy here

You suck on that vapo like you do ur daddys dick don’t you, your seriously such a faggot. Eat a dick and shave u dumb 2 sided scumbag.

They fucntion essentially the same way. What matters more is the cartomizer you put on the inside

Hi Grimm which is better the Liquinator or the J tank?

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